Maintaining energy

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Maintaining energy

Post by avatamsaka3 »

Hi, any thoughts on maintaining energy over time while doing a job? It's in a restaurant.
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Re: Maintaining energy

Post by narhwal90 »

Depending on circumstances I'm on my feet and moving a bunch. I find less fatigue and soreness if I exercise more or less regularly; run treadmill or street, weights, pushups, situps and so on. Not especially interesting but it works... also helps me ride my motorcycle more comfortably for longer periods. Seems to make recovery from sitting meditation faster- circulation returns more quickly.
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Re: Maintaining energy

Post by Johnny Dangerous »

Pretty much diet, exercise and sleep. I sometimes take Kola Nut supplements too, I don't get much of a crash with them the way you do with coffee, etc. I feel like Tulsi has helped me at times too.

Biggest thing with restaurant work IME is a crew that help each other, and regular breaks, even short ones. The worst ones I've worked at encouraged competitiveness among the waitstaff, you will always be exhausted working at a place like that.
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Re: Maintaining energy

Post by Inedible »

Get good shoes and stay hydrated. Also, be prepared to have your patience and mindfulness tested daily. It isn't so much that the work itself is hard, but your coworkers and customers are going to amaze you in the worst ways.
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