Registration and Member Accounts

PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING TO POST. It will be assumed the ToS have been read and understood from when a member makes their first post.
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Registration and Member Accounts

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To post on Dharma Wheel and access certain non-public fora, Users are required to register. Users may register by clicking the “Register” link on the top right side below the banner on any page. Registered Users are known as Members.

Members need not use their real names as their Username and may use anonymous Usernames. If a Member uses their real name, that is by their choice. Usernames may be rejected at the discretion of the Moderation Team. Usernames may be changed on request but DW reserves the right to refuse names change requests.

Dharma Wheel maintains a strict "One Account Per User" policy. Creating multiple accounts, commonly known as “sock puppets,” or impersonating another person, may result in a suspension or permanent ban. Posts from duplicate accounts will be merged into one account. For new members, masking IP addresses or utilizing proxy servers is not permitted. Failure to comply will result in a suspension (in the first instance) leading to a permanent ban for repeated use of proxy servers/anonymizers. Accounts created solely for the purpose of advertising or spamming are prohibited and will be permanently banned.

If you have any problems accessing your account, for example, because a password has been lost or forgotten, contact an Administrator or Global Moderator who will be able to help you. Do not register a new User account.

We do not delete User accounts and generally do not delete or remove posts from DW, except for moderation reasons as discussed below. User accounts may be deactivated or reactivated on request. Note, however, that posts associated with a deactivated account are not deleted and remain visible as removing posts would disrupt the continuity of discussion threads.


All newly registered Members will be designated as a “Newly Registered User” or “NRU” and be subject to probation requiring a Moderator’s approval for all posts.


Members may be designated as MU at the discretion of the Moderation Team. Typically, Members are designated as MU due to repeated violations of the Terms of Service or other factors that in the discretion of the Moderation Team necessitate an MU designation.

An MU designation requires Moderator approval of all posts, and other restrictions may apply in the discretion of the Moderation Team.

The MU designation may be lifted at the discretion of the Moderation Team.

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