Hey from Wyoming

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Hey from Wyoming

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lately I've been looking in Buddhism, trying to find a path for myself. The problem is in my area, there are not Buddhist centers nearby and I find that a little disheartening. I've been reading the works of Alan Watts and D.T. Suzuki, and I'm mostly looking into Rinzai Zen. I've also been looking into Theravada Buddhism. But since there are no Buddhist communities nearby, or hardly any books on the subject, I've been almost totally reliant on the internet. Another problem is that I'm from a predominantly Protestant area, who generally frown upon eastern religions and traditions, I hope to find a Sangha suitable for me
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Re: Hey from Wyoming

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Welcome to Dharma Wheel!

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Re: Hey from Wyoming

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Hi Jianblade,

Welcome to DharmaWheel. Wyoming is a big, beautiful place, but you're right, there's not so much Dharma. Depending on where you are more specifically, then maybe we can steer you toward some resources that can help you bridge the gap.

Example: when I lived in rural Idaho, I occasionally commuted into town (Spokane, WA) for teachings, and then I'd practice as best I could at home, sometimes checking in with my teacher by phone or email. If you're in Cheyenne, you could probably pull off an arrangement like that with one of the centers in the northern part of Colorado, even as far as Boulder or Denver, depending on what you're up for and how eager you are to learn.

Some teachings are available online and that's helpful but there's no substitute for a teacher you can see and who can see you in real time, in real space.

I wish you all the best in your practice.

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Re: Hey from Wyoming

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I lived in Jackson for a summer (dunno if that counts as living in Wyoming haha) and it seems like every summer, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Phakchok Rinpoche and other Lamas from Tulku Urgyen's family and lineage pass through there. Though I know it's a huge state, and if you're hours away from Jackson, it might not help at all.

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