Hello from the Netherlands

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Hello from the Netherlands

Post by Allard »


I just registered myself here and I wanted to say Namasté.

I interest myself in Buddhism and existential questions, so I am going to read here more and maybe once in a while ask a questions.
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Post by Shotenzenjin »

Generation's shall pass, our determination shall grow, at the foot of Mount Fuji
Like smoke that reaches far beyond the clouds.--nichimoku shonin. Third high priest of Nichiren Shoshu

Hokekko of true Buddhism https://nstny.org

Introduction to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source= ... VKyEQ_cxK9
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Post by Hazel »

Happy Pride month to my queer dharma siblings!

What do you see when you turn out the lights?
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Post by Arnoud »

Welkom Allard.
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Post by DNS »

Welcome to DW!

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