Land of Medicine Buddha Losar Nyung Nay retreat

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Land of Medicine Buddha Losar Nyung Nay retreat

Postby kirtu » Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:35 am

Land of Medicine Buddha Losar Nyung Nay retreat
Great Compassion Fasting Retreat - Nyung Nay
Eight Nyung Nays
February 12 - March 1
Led by Venerable Steve Carlier

Check in on February 12. The first set of Nyung Nay starts on early morning of February 13. The last day of the eighth Nyung nay on the morning of March 1.

The Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) Fasting Retreat
is a very powerful purification practice aimed at
developing compassion.

Some advice from Lama Zopa on Nyung Nays

The Nyung Nay practice is a very powerful fasting practice that originated with Gelongma Palmo in India during the 8th century. She practiced meditation on 1000-armed Chenrezig combined with chanting and fasting. She has been a princess prior to taking vows as a nun. At some point she developed leprosy and was isolated from the sangha. As a result of her intensive practice her leprosy was cured and she also attained the 8th bhumi.

Khenpo Norgay has said that Nyung Nay is a kriya yoga tantra practice with an anutara yoga result. It very powerfully purifies karma and also benefits sentient beings.

Kirt Undercoffer
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“All beings are Buddhas, but obscured by incidental stains. When those have been removed, there is Buddhahood.”
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