Namkhai Norbu's explanation of cause of Rupakaya

Namkhai Norbu's explanation of cause of Rupakaya

Postby adinatha » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:26 pm

I didn't follow his explanation how the Rupakaya forms in DC tradition. I got self-perfected state; in rigpa there are no obscurations (only in relative existence); DC is beyond purification and two accumulations, but I didn't follow way Rupakaya forms.

I'm asking if anyone knows what NNR says is cause of Rupakaya or what DC generally says. I've suddenly found my mind cloudy on this topic. I get self-liberation into the kayas during Togal/Yangti. But then Namdrol says that's not enough for manifestation of rupakaya. I thought he said one needs to practice rasayana, chulen, etc.

I'm wondering if that was implicit somewhere in NNR's latest transmission... Thanks.
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