In which way does a Bodhisattva developes wisdom?

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In which way does a Bodhisattva developes wisdom?

Postby Hanzze » Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:00 pm

Dear friends,

Sherab kindly posted this, I beg for forgiveness to just take it:

In my mind, there are three ways to lose bodhicitta:
(1) when you mix with bad company and revert back to the ways of the world, convinced that the Buddha dharma is false, or of no help in your life.
(2) when you get discouraged either because the bodhisattva path seems plagued with so much insurmountable obstacles or when those whom you have helped not only display no gratitude but instead turn against you, and make you question why you bother to help in the first place.
(3) when you are not intellectually superior compared to the company you keep.

I believe it is (3) where there is the danger of losing one's bodhicitta in the sense that one lost one's aspiration to practise the Dharma for the benefit of others and instead revert to practising only for the benefit of oneself.

What is the danger of knowledge on the Bodhisattva way, how does a Bodhisattva develop wisdom and abstain from taken what is not given?

Please get not in a this group, that group, this teacher, that teacher. If it is possible just try to ask your heart, as it knows more than the words of a teacher ever can tell.

with loving kindness
Just that! :-)
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