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Re: Torma

Postby conebeckham » Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:48 pm

Different Vajrakilaya sadhanas have different methods of torma offering.

Sangtik Purba, for example, requires a Glorious Torma which can signify both the deity, and the offering...and one adds "tebkyus," or little dough triangles, to the plate for each torma session. You can also just offer a plate of biscuits or cookies, daily--this is acceptable for daily practice for many yidams, as far as I can tell. Big, involved sadhanas like Zabdun Purba requires a lot of tormas, representing various deities and offerings.

I don't know the Yang-Pur practice really, aside from a glancing familiarity. I'd bet there's a permanent torma representing the deity, on the shrine. Maybe it's like Sangtik Purba, I don't know.

Rakta and Dudtsi or Men are usually refreshed, but not replaced....except perhaps if one is doing a big puja. You can buy rakta and dudtsi substances, or get them from a Lama. Dudtsi is fairly commonly distributed, but the rakta substance is harder to find. But you can find it for sale on-line, I just can't recall the vendor. For Dudtsi, you put the substance in with some alcohol--wine, vodka, whisky, whatever. For Rakta, I put the substance in with some strong black tea.

All of this is general advice, but such details are best learned from a master--each practice may have more precise requirements, etc.

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