guardin monks of sentient beings in the astral realm

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guardin monks of sentient beings in the astral realm

Postby tempuserus » Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:52 am

do monks help other sentient beings in the realms act as a guardin of the dharma to guide others to the way of buddhism. i remmber before gaining the baby buddha in the dream realm as a guide and gaurdin i believe he is mahakala because the symbol on his ring is the symbol on the japanese version mallet in that region. i had a guide before mahakala known as solandro, he reminded me of the western version of guardin angel. i could sense him in the day and at night when i needed him he would guide or teach me. i need a teacher i lack one, someday i will have one, of the ACI Gelug tibetan buddhist school of sera may.
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