Buddhist texts available in Kindle format

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Buddhist texts available in Kindle format

Postby kirtu » Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:23 pm

There are numerous Buddhist texts available in Kindle format (and hopefully other e-book format as well) ! For me personally this means that I won't necessarily have to scan all my books - :woohoo:

I just got Fa-Hsien's 'A Record of Buddhist Kingdoms" which is free in Kindle form.

There is also a lot of junk there but many valuable texts - several by HHDL, Lama Zopa, Thubten Chodron, Ani Palmo, Lopez, the study of Gedun Chopel, Andreas Doctor's study of terma text's, one of Bhikkhu Bodhi's sutta collections - Jigme Linpa's Deity, Mantra, Meditation - The Three Visions (Sakya Lamrim text) - Zurchungpa's Testament! - Naked Awareness! - Khenchen Palden Sherab!

I could dance! :rolling: :applause:

The dream of creating a mobile elibrary that has been slowly happening since before the Web is now really becoming reality!

There is in fact much more available than I had imagined. Amazon's search results are poor when searching for Buddhist texts - they do apparently use an ontology to help guide their search but it is not tuned correctly for a practitioner (or even a secular scholar). Most of Geshe Sonam Rinchen's works are there for example but didn't apparently come up when I searched just using buddhism or tibetan buddhism as search terms.

HE Jamgon Kongtrul's Treasury of Knowledge - just overwhelmed .... :jumping:

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