Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

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Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby plwk » Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:17 am

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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby David N. Snyder » Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:40 am

Happy First Birthday ! ! (as a monk)


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yan kong
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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby yan kong » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:21 am

Happy birthday!
"Meditation is a spiritual exercise, not a therapeutic regime... Our intention is to enter Nirvana, not to make life in Samsara more tolerable." Chan Master Hsu Yun

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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby sukhamanveti » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:52 am

Happy Birthday, Ven. Indrajala! I have learned a great deal from your comments here and your blogs. Thank you for sharing the gift of the Buddhadharma and your insights. (I also appreciated your comments about veganism BTW.) May you bring happiness to countless beings! :smile:
namo bhagavate śākyamunaye tathāgatāyārhate samyaksaṁbuddhāya | namaḥ sarvabuddhabodhisattvebhyaḥ ||

"Bodhisattva-mahāsattvas love all beings in the world equally, as if each were their only child..." Buddhāvataṃsakamahāvaipulya Sūtra

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Sherab Dorje
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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby Sherab Dorje » Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:47 am

Happy birthday (Venerable) dude!!!

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"My religion is not deceiving myself."
Jetsun Milarepa 1052-1135 CE

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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby Ayu » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:13 am

image.jpg (9.5 KiB) Viewed 1012 times ... a-birthday
"We're fascinated by the words–but where we meet is in the silence behind them."
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

By this constructive act, may we quickly actualize ourselves as Guru-Buddhas
and thereafter lead to that state all wandering beings, not neglecting even one.


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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby WuMing » Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:02 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Venerable! May all of your aspirations be fulfilled! Live long and benefit all!
Now, observing with the eye of the Buddha, both the Buddha and ordinary beings are in the same liberated state. There is neither this nor that: there is only non-duality and identity.
- 空海 Kūkai 弘法大師 in Unjigi 吽字義 The Meaning of the Letter Hūṃ
new translation: Kūkai on the Philosophy of Language by Takagi Shingen and Dreitlein Eijō
Our life is very simple, very direct, very beautiful, very vast and very terrifying, but it is not at all convenient.
- Anzan Hoshin Roshi

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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby dharmagoat » Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:25 am

Happy Birthday, good sir.


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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby tidathep » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:32 pm

***************HAPPY BIRTHDAY*************

Thai cookies


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Dave The Seeker
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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby Dave The Seeker » Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:47 am

Happy Bday a couple late!!!

Thank you for all your help my friend and I hope it was a good day and will be a blessed year.

Everyday problems teach us to have a realistic attitude.
They teach us that life is what life is; flawed.
Yet with tremendous potential for joy and fulfillment.
~Lama Surya Das~

If your path teaches you to act and exert yourself correctly and leads to spiritual realizations such as love, compassion and wisdom then obviously it's worthwhile.
~Lama Thubten Yeshe~

One whose mind is freed does not argue with anyone, he does not dispute with anyone. He makes use of the conventional terms of the world without clinging to them
~The Buddha~

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Re: Blessed Birthday to Ven Indrajala

Postby Hickersonia » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:08 pm

May it be an auspicious day for all! :buddha1:

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of
throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned."

Nam mô A di đà Phật!

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