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Postby MalaBeads » Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:35 pm

Simon E. wrote:
dzogchungpa wrote:Some more interesting book recommendations from DJKR:
And then to develop a critical mind, books such as 'The End of Faith' by Sam Harris, 'Feet of Clay' by Anthony Storr. 'Feet of Clay' may be good to read just before the Guru Yoga.

I have just come across this.
Anthony Storr was a good and compassionate man. I overlapped with him... working at the same hospital towards the end of his career....
He was also a man who spent much of his adult life battling with depression.
This no doubt gave him great empathy with his patients, but perhaps made him less reliable as a guide to potential influences.

Interesting insight as to what might have motivated him to debunk so many cultural icons.

Reaffirms my own bias that all creative work (and I am including practice in this which is always creative in the sense that it must respond to the actual circumstances of ones life and is, hence, unique) is based on the personal. There is no substitue for experience. None.

Even if the "personal" is not what we think it is.

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