Africa and its future

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Africa and its future

Postby greentara » Thu May 02, 2013 11:29 pm

A battle has erupted in Tanzania over the future of 30,000 Maasai people who claim the expansion of a big-game hunting reserve for foreigners will lead to their eviction from ancestral lands.

Tanzania's ministry of tourism announced this week that it will set aside 1,500 square kilometres bordering the Serengeti national park for a "wildlife corridor". The Maasai will as a result be prevented from getting to their pasture land in the corridor, destroying their traditional nomadic cattle-herding lifestyle. Access will however be granted to a Dubai-based luxury hunting and safari company.

To add insult to injury this has already been done to the Bushmen 'San' of the kalahari, also the Dinka people etc. The colour, diversity and beauty of Africa is fading fast. Big business and the corporations win everytime.
Add the fierce battle between Islam and Christianity for the hearts and minds of the African people and the Africa we all know and love is disappearing fast.
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