My teacher said this about our technique, what do you think?

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Re: My teacher said this about our technique, what do you th

Postby Namgyal » Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:29 am

lowlydog wrote:"Peace of mind is sought by everyone; purity of mind is sought by everyone. Christ was a wonderful person who taught not only peace and harmony but also purity of mind, love, compassion. So those who follow the teachings of Christ certainly like to develop this good quality of purity, love, compassion. When they come to courses, they don't feel that they are coming to any foreign religion. A number of times very senior priests and nuns have told me that we are teaching Christianity in the name of Buddha." S.N.Goenka

Goenka probably does not voice these particular views when facing a row of stern Burmese Sayadaws, but it a very positive vision. Paul Tillich believed that Christianity would eventually have to come to terms with Buddhism, and as a result it would change significantly. Goenka himself seems like a classic example of 'Are you a UU without knowing it?'
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Re: My teacher said this about our technique, what do you th

Postby Johnny Dangerous » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:38 pm

"Free of rights, rituals, and dogma".

Repeat as a mantra 100x daily to be free of rites and rituals. ;)

Seriously though, I see this so much in the sort of New Age "Buddhish" community, anything roughly based on Buddhism, there is so much parroted talk of not having rite and ritual that it's become well... ritual. I know Goenka is not a New Age teacher type of course.

Seriously though, peruse any forum on New Age and similar subjects, and it starts to become apparent that trying to be "free of rite and ritual" can easily turn into it's own kind of neurosis.
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Re: My teacher said this about our technique, what do you th

Postby CrawfordHollow » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:51 pm

Honestly Greg,

I believe I said that statement in relation to a conversation that is now many months expired. I could go back through the pages and find the context but I am honestly much too lazy. Of course I do not think that concentration is just a sutra technique, or something that we leave behind when we venture into vajrayana. Its hard to say if concentration is more of a prerequisite for vajrayana or an outcome of the practice, maybe a bit of both. I would not say that concentration is the purpose of tantra, though. I would say the purpose of the generation stage would be to purify the impure appearances of the stages of our life: the relative appearances of birth, the world around us, death, the bardo, and so on. Ultimately the deity that we meditate on is both the fruition of the practice and the ground that we work with, in other words we are training in pure vision, in what we actually are. So yes concentration plays a role. You need it to practice at this level, and you will develop it in the process but it is not the sole purpose of the practice. I am not sure why I made that statement, but for the record this is my posistion. I think we can agree on that, no?

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Re: My teacher said this about our technique, what do you th

Postby Sherab Dorje » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:12 pm

"My religion is not deceiving myself."
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