It's all gonna be all right.

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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby muni » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:20 am

"It's all gone be alright" can give expectations, maybe desire for better samsara or so. Or it can be by the intention of giving courage. Depends.

Contentment right now is what we can share in interconnections.
The sun shines impartially.
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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby Jainarayan » Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:48 pm

Johnny Dangerous wrote:
Jainarayan wrote:For what it's worth I believe things unfold as they should, for good or ill. To

This is where you differ from the typical Buddhist view, in general Buddhism does not see samsara as working as it should, and unless by working as it should we mean sucking. Dukkha I have read can carry the connotation of a wheel out of alignment, or a misaligned joint. It never quite works right..that is the whole reason to be liberated from it's cycle, and to wish for the liberation of others.

"Should" isn't really the proper word, as it carries the connotation of pre-destination or pre-ordained by a cosmic conspiracy, which I don't believe in, unless it is an effect of karma. Maybe a better phrase is "things unfold as they will, for good or ill".
Worthy, wise and virtuous: Who is energetic and not indolent, in misfortune unshaken,
flawless in manner and intelligent, such one will honor gain. - Digha Nikaya III 273
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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby anjali » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:37 pm

When I saw the title to this thread, I thought, alright, time for a little Bob Marley dharma: :tongue:
Not to be. Within all the existential angst of life, sometimes it does pay to just shake one's head and have a good laugh. No worries about a thing. Not a bad motto, that.
All things are unworthy of clinging to (sabbe dhammā nâla abhinivesāyā). --Shakyamuni Buddha
If there is clinging, you do not have the view. --Drakpa Gyaltsen
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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby shaunc » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:25 pm

It's all gonna be ok in the end. So if it's not ok it's not the end. :smile:
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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby alpha » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:56 pm

wisdom wrote:
Johnny Dangerous wrote:Whenever something goes wrong in life, which it does consistently, almost everyone I know (including self-professed atheists funnily enough) tends towards saying something like "it's all going to be ok". When pressed, if the discussion gets deeper it turns out that most people (again even the supposedly non-religious) seem to believe that there is some sort of cosmic balancing force in the universe. as a Buddhist obviously i've concluded that it's the nature of samsara to pretty much not be all right, and further I suspect that these notions of reliance on external balance and "all-rightness" are actually causing suffering to people I love, rather than helping.

But it will be alright. Bad things happening are like nightmares happening, eventually you will wake up. Maybe not now or even in this life, but eventually. And if there are no further lives, then death is still an end. Either way it will be alright and there is no reason to worry.

I tottally agree Wisdom.

"it's all going to be ok" is the perfect view if you understand its essence.
Its an invitation to let things be and relax.

Samsara cannot be found outside oneself therefore we should stop and observe ourselves .
Until you understand this point whatever your wish to improve or make people understand you will only create more and more of your own samsara.
You cannot improve your condition by believing that your projection is the real condition.
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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby ground » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:21 pm

Johnny Dangerous wrote:... but sometimes a part of me just wants to scream that this is not how it works, that overall it just isn't allright, and one has to come to acceptance of that fact to hope to deal with suffering on a mature level....

Isn't this stress? Isn't that part the sense of self grasping views? Aren't affirmation of views and the sense of self concomitant? Know the arising of sense of self and its subsiding. :sage:
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Re: It's all gonna be all right.

Postby corrine » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:44 pm

I tend to say this to others and also to myself when there are challenging circumstances. What I actually mean is that whatever the issue, health, work, relationships or whatever, it is what it is and when I accept the simple reality of the situation, it will be all right. All right in the sense that I will find a way to cope with the difficult reality, I will accept it and simply move forward, no longer allowing it to distract me.

Stuff happens. Bad stuff. Lot of bad stuff. Pain, suffering, the death of all of those we love, job losses, physical and, sometimes, mental disabilities etc. happen. But it is all right because it is our reality and acceptance and not dwelling on the pain is our only option if we wish to move forward. Letting go. Dwelling on the issue increases the pain and leaves us stuck. Looking at it for what it is and simply accepting, allows us to move forward.

I think when people use certain phrases we tend to assume the worst. Sometimes they just mean that they care.

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