Phat Hue Pagoda in Frankfurt

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Phat Hue Pagoda in Frankfurt

Postby Winterson » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:23 am


please believe me when I say that I have no hidden agenda or anything, although I completely understand people being very suspicious of somebody like me who just created an account and then posts something potentially negative regarding a certain organisation.

I am just a German Dharma practitioner who tries to keep his eyes and ears open, which is why I would most strongly suggest that everybody approaching the Phat Hue Pagoda in Frankfurt should do a lot of reaearch into the recent history and their abbot in particular (like one always should)...

The fact of the matter is that that abbot was forced to leave the DBO, the Deutsche Buddhistische Ordensgemeinschaft in 2011 . And there were reasons:

http://buddhistische-ordensgemeinschaft ... 2-2011.htm

Please do your own research, dig deep and make up your own mind.

All the best in Dharma,

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