Strange sleeping experience

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Re: Strange sleeping experience

Postby Roland » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:49 pm

Nighthawk wrote:Thanks for all the replies. If I recall correctly I think I've had this sleep paralysis happen to me a few years back also but without the feeling of some sort of evil spirit in the room.

There was a period of time, years ago, where I experienced many episodes of "sleep paralysis" frequently over the course of a few months. I'd say about 3 times a week or more during those months. For about a year or 2 years after those few months, it would occur rarely and then it didn't occur again for years until one minor episode recently.

When if first started happening, it was usually in the morning, sometime before I normally would wake up. My eyes would open, everything would have a sort of red tint to it, or red hue. I would be mostly paralyzed. I could move my head slightly to the right or left, and barely life my arms. No words could describe the terror I felt (thank you Hunter S. Thompson for that quote). One time, to the right of me, there was a sort of presence or some sort of entity, in the rough shape of a faint sphere and fairly large as well. It was a little darker red than the red tint everything had. It was far to the right, just out of range of being able to directly look at it. So, I would attempt to turn my head to the right far enough to look at it. When I moved my head to a certain point, maybe turning a few inches to the right, my head would start "convulsing" or rapidly shaking. I was basically using all the strength in my neck muscles. The more effort I exerted, the more violent the shaking. When I stopped trying to turn my head, the shaking would stop. The same thing applied to my arms as well. During that same episode, there was a tiny, pink Bugs Bunny, about an inch high, on my door, dancing very rapidly with a top hat and a cane. :o :crazy: Sounds fun, but because of my intense terror and paralysis, I would try to scream, because I knew of nothing else to do. It would come out as a loud whisper or a small grunt. Eventually someone would come into the room (someone I lived with) and wake me up or I would wake my self up somehow. My eyes would still be open but the paralysis would subside and the redness and everything else would just fade away.

One of the other many times this happened, there was an oscillating fan in my room on a stand. When the sleep paralysis started, the stand was not there or visible, and the fan part had turned into, or was a plastic bag, spinning around very fast in mid air at one fixed point where the fan was supposed to be or had been. Also, across the room, leaning against the wall in a sitting position with knees up, was a girl who I could not identify as anyone I knew (a hallucination, I'm assuming). I would look at her. She had no face. I would blink my eyes as if that would help her to disappear, and she would still be there until the sleep paralysis subsided and all returned to normal. The girl gone. The fan and stand there. :rolleye:

Eventually, sleep paralysis occurred so frequently, that I actually would recognize it for what it was as soon as it started each time. As a result, I had become so used to the experience that there was not longer any fear associated with it. I would just lay there and experience it until it would subside. Then I would start my day "normally". Only one time I felt a presence.

During those few months, I also was very lucid in my dreams. There was months-long dream I was lucid in. Or at least a month long, where I would continue the dream where I left off from the last time I had a dream. It was a lucid dream with maintained continuity over the course of a month or more.

Since then, I have lost all ability to be lucid in my dreams, and no longer have any continuity, nor do I have sleep paralysis anymore (except for one very minor incident recently which was basically just a dream) nor do I really remember any dreams as often.
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