New Center Opening in Annapolis Maryland

New Center Opening in Annapolis Maryland

Postby Jinzang » Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:52 pm

Pictures from Lama Phurbu Tashi's new center in Eastport (near Annapolis, Maryland.) The center is at 424 E 4th Street and the consecration of the new center will be at 7 PM on September 4th. You can see Lama's reflection in the window as he takes the picture.
Having obtained the supreme freedoms
and conjunctions of the precious human existence,
endowed with faith, energy, and intelligence,
Having attended on a worthy spiritual friend
and received the pith of the holy instructions,
May we practice these properly, just as we have received them,
without obstacle or interruption.
In all our lives, may we practice and enjoy the holy dharma.
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