Dzogchen Teaching is Free From Limitations

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Re: Dzogchen Teaching is Free From Limitations

Postby Mariusz » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:33 am

muni wrote:When Guru Rinpoche thaught Yeshe Tsogyal about all dharmas and dharmata, he said that all dharmas are whether wholesome, unwholesome or neutral phenomena.

Dharmata means that all are empty in essence, empty by nature, empty by characteristics. Dharmata is the realization that ALL phenomena arise from the mind which is emptiness.
This is the point of realizing the nonduality of dharmas and dharmata.

One of his explanation in dissolving limitations. :alien: Phenomena liberated in themselves.
Excuse me Muni, your posts (1000+ in number) always seem to me you speculating vaguely only without getting the real instructions. First I met you in forums on madhyamaka, where you also speculated as i understood you. Of course it is only subjective opinion of mine. Considering it, you better find a master of Dzogchen, get DI and start the preliminary practice (for example the Rushen) as soon as possible, than you will recognize as really those instructions teach. Good luck :smile: !

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Re: Dzogchen Teaching is Free From Limitations

Postby muni » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:51 am

It depends of own perception what is percieved.

I think the quote of Guru Rinpoche is clearly showing the example of the empty mind in which all phenomena are not separate and are freed upon arising. Then wholesome (empty) dharmas can be used as all needful help should be used and need not to be rejected or used for quarrels.

Futhermore one should not cheat oneself indeed.

Thank you for your concern. :smile:

I just found this by phantom posted. It maybe can explain. ... /cul01.php
‘View like the sky’ means that nothing is held onto in any way whatsoever. You are not stuck anywhere at all. In other words, there is no discrimination as to what to accept and what to reject; no line is drawn separating one thing from another. ‘Conduct as fine as barley flour’ means that there is good and evil, and one needs to differentiate between the two. Give up negative deeds; practice the Dharma. In your behaviour, in your conduct, it is necessary to accept and reject.” Guru Rinpoche

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Re: Dzogchen Teaching is Free From Limitations

Postby Pero » Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:13 pm

Andrew108 wrote:
Pero wrote:
It's better to not mistake Dzogchen with anything that is provisional. If we do mix Dzogchen with the provisional then we denigrate it.

Hm those pesky Dzogchen Tantras, denigrating Dzogchen. How dare they!

I can't find anything provisional in the the Kunjed Gyalpo.

So you think KG is not provisional but all the other tantras are?
Although many individuals in this age appear to be merely indulging their worldly desires, one does not have the capacity to judge them, so it is best to train in pure vision.
- Shabkar

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