Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer

Re: Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer

Postby Malcolm » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:20 pm

Will wrote:
This is a fine answer and I, being an old creature, understand. But if this attitude is the rationale for someone under 50, who never studies the root texts of ID (or any notion that is rejected), then I still chalk that up to laziness, peer pressure & other intellectual vices.

I guess I don't qualify, being 49.

That being said, Will -- there are numerous articles on the web written by Meyers. You don't have to read his book to become very familiar with his thinking. There are 85 of them here: ... Posts=true

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One who explains any Dharma
without possessing trustworthy scriptures,
has a conceptual nature,
spoiling himself and spoiling others.

-- Ghanavyūha Sūtra
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