How the tradition of the angel on top of the Xmas tree start

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How the tradition of the angel on top of the Xmas tree start

Postby shaunc » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:41 am

One Christmas Santa was having a particularly hard time. There was union trouble with the elves & they weren't going to load the sleigh. Santa had to load it himself, he just got the last parcel loaded & one of the runners broke off the sleigh & his load of parcels were scattered all over the ice & snow. Santa hurriedly repaired the sleigh & reloaded it & went to the stable to get the reindeers. He couldn't believe his eyes when he got there. One of the reindeers had kicked a hole in the stable, one was lame & another was pregnant. Santa harnessed up the remaining reindeers as best he could & then looked at his watch, he was already running late & Santa was stressed to the max. He decided to go inside with Mrs Clause & have a pipe & a couple of quick rums before he left & try to settle himself down a bit. Just as Santa sat at the table, there was a knock on the door, as Santa opened the door he saw a little angel holding a Christmas tree. "G'day Santa" said the angel "where do you want me to stick the tree" & that boys & girls is how we got the tradition of the angel sitting on top of the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to all.
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Re: How the tradition of the angel on top of the Xmas tree s

Postby lobster » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:47 am


poor Santa Claws (yes a relative)
We have a star atop ours but a Boddhisattvah would be fun.

Merry Christmas for those living amongst the dharma muggles. :namaste:
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