Nyungne Purification and Fasting Retreat APRIL 2014

Nyungne Purification and Fasting Retreat APRIL 2014

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Nyungne Purification and Fasting Retreat (Påske Retreat)

5 Consecutive 2-Days Sessions
Date: 12 April – 22 April 2014

1000 Armed Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara)

A Nyungne Retreat is a special two-day meditation, fasting and purification retreat based on the practice of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig
and is known for its power in the purification of negative karma and the accomplishment of enlightened qualities.

History of the Practice

This practice was originated by Gelongma Palmo, (Bhikkuni Lakshmi),
who was one of the greatest masters of the 1,000-armed Chenrezig practice.

She was born into an Indian royal family but chose Buddhist ordination in her youth. She studied with many of the masters of her time and practiced diligently. Sadly however, due to the ripening of karma, she contracted leprosy and was subsequently abandoned in the forest. She had a vision of King Indrabodhi who advised her to do Avalokiteshvara practices.

Gelongma Palmo recited the mantras of Avalokiteshvara and devised and practiced the purification ritual or Nyungne retreat continuously
before a mysterious image of 1,000-armed Avalokiteshvara that appeared
to her in a forest clearing.

It is said that she recovered from leprosy and having developed great
dedication and compassion for all beings, she became an enlightened
guide to many disciples to whom she passed down the practice of Nyungne.

The Retreat

The Nyungne is a retreat of body, speech and mind from non-virtuous
actions, focusing on keeping strict vows for a two-day period, generating the Bodhisattva attitude, and reciting the sadhana of the
1000-armed Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of compassion.
The vows to be observed include refraining from:

* Killing.
* Stealing.
* Lying.
* Sexual activities (celibacy).
* Drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes.
* Using perfumes, wearing make-up or ornaments, singing,
playing music, dancing and other forms of entertainment.
* Eating in inappropriate times.
* Sitting in high seats.

The Programme

A set of Nyungne consists of 2 days of strict practice. On the first
day, participants will take one light meal in the morning and one meal
at noon, and fast the rest of the day while engaging in four sessions
of practice. Like other Vajrayana sadhanas, the Nyungne sadhana
involves visualization of the deity, accompanied by prayers, offerings
and prostrations, and extensive recitation of the mantra. The sessions
begin early in the morning and conclude in the late afternoon.

On the second day, participants will observe complete fasting from
food and water, and will also maintain strict silence, except for the
recitation of the Sadhana.

The retreat concludes early in the morning of the third day with a
short practice session. The vows, fasting and silence are concluded at the end of this session.

The Nyungne Retreat is comprehensive in that it combines practice
methods from all three Yanas, or Vehicles, of Buddhism. The vows
reflect the rigorous discipline of the Common Vehicle, the generation
of the Enlightened Attitude reflects the Greater Vehicle, and the
actual practice of 1000-Armed Chenrezig reflects the Vehicle of Secret

Benefits of the Practice

Nyungne is a practice of yidam from Kriya-tantra tradition which not
only helps to purify a lot of negative karma in a short time and
accumulate merits but also aids in healing illness and opening the heart to compassion. It is said that pure practice on one pair of
Nyungne closes the gates of rebirth in lower realms, and the pure
completion of eight pairs of Nyungne's leads to rebirth in the
Dewachen Pure Land.

In addition, reciting the six syllable Mani Mantra during the
retreat, not only purifies the six seeds of the six realms within
oneself, it also pacifies the sufferings of all beings. In this way,
the practice brings peace to the entire world and can be a cause for
World Peace, very appropriate and timely in these degenerate times.

General Advice for Participants
Members as well as those who are not members of Dharmagate may
join in these retreats, which are generally enjoyed by all (in spite
of the difficulties!). Participants can choose to attend all five
pairs of Nyungne's, a few or just one set as you wish.

If you have any doubts about your health and your ability to
physically handle this retreat, please consult your doctor. The
prostrations are strenuous but it is possible to perform them at a
slow speed. The Nyungne starts as early as 6 AM with the taking of the 8
Mahayana Precepts and participants have to arrive the day before.
Explanations and instructions will be given on the Freday the 11April evening by Lama
Yonten , thus for the people who are practicing it for the first time,
it is advisable to attend this evening.

Schedule for Nyungne Purification and Fasting Retreat Programme Dates
Teaching, Instruction and Preparation 11 April 2014 at 19 - 21pm

First set of Nyungne 12 April 14 - 13 April 14
Second set of Nyungne 14 April 14 - 15 April 14
Third set of Nyungne 16 April 14 - 17 April 14
Fourth set of Nyungne 18 April 14 - 19 April 14
Fifth set of Nyungne 20 April 14 - 21 April 14
Grand Dedication 22 April 14 early morning, so that participants can go to work after end nyongne.

Nyungne will be lead by Penpa and Please bring Liggeunderlag bed
sheet, sleeping bag, towel and necessary personal needs. To cover
the meal 100 kr. For each set nyongne beside offering for teaching to
Lama Yonten.
Preparation: To participate one should have 1000 arm Chenrezig empowerment and recite the Vajrasatva mantra by heart.

If you are interested please contact Pema on 26353112

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Re: Nyungne Purification and Fasting Retreat APRIL 2014

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i am so happy that this event is taking place, i cant wait to make reservation. i tried to send an email but the email is dysfunctional so i have to call them directly. :woohoo: :group:
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