Public Teaching @ Orgyen Cho Dzong, New York: July 27-29

Public Teaching @ Orgyen Cho Dzong, New York: July 27-29

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Teachings on the Nature of Mind
Orgyen Cho Dzong

Friday, July 27, 5-7 pm

Saturday, July 28, 10am-noon & 2-4 pm
Guru Rinpoche Tsok 5-7 pm

Sunday, July 29, 10am-noon & 2-4pm


Appropriate for all those interested in Buddhism, this seminar introduces three basic tenets of all Buddhist practice: view which is the perspective for re-understanding our experiences, meditation which is the path, and action which is the result of the previous two.

Registration is required.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve a place in the teaching. A 10% deposit of your anticipated room & board charges is also required to reserve accommodations. The daily rate for room & board remains $50.
Priority for housing will be given to those whose deposits have been received and whose membership is current.

To register you may send a check to Orgyen Cho Dzong, 5345 Route 81, Greenville, NY 12083, or if you prefer to pay by credit card, please call the center, (518)-966-4077. It is also possible to pay by Paypal through our website, However, if you choose to pay using Paypal, please contact the center by email at to notify us of your transaction.

Financial arrangements
May be made on a case-by-case basis.
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