Zuni Mt Stupa NM 2014 Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche Vairotsana Lamas

Zuni Mt Stupa NM 2014 Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche Vairotsana Lamas

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Tulku Orygen Rinpoche and the Vairotsana Lamas Retreat at Zuni Mountain Stupa New Mexico July 25-27, 2014.

This year, the retreat will be conducted with special teachings and practices based on the sadhana of Rigdzin Dupa (The Assembly of Vidyadharas) from the Dudjom Tersar lineage. Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche has just translated this rare text and made it available for the first time in English. For more information about this sadhana: http://pemakoddharmawheel.org/whats-new/

Registration, Information, Inquiries:

Retreat Schedule

Friday July 25th

1pm: Registration opens

6pm: Dinner with the Sangha in the dining tent

7:30-9pm: Teaching: “Essential view and practice of Vajrayana.”

Saturday July 26th

7am: Breakfast

8:30am-10am & 10:30am-12pm:
Teaching, Transmission, and Practice of Rigdzin Dupa Sadhana.
(attendance for transmission is required for weekend participation)

12:30pm: Lunch

2-3:30 & 4-5:30pm: Practice and Tsok Offering.

6pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Teaching: “The role of sadhana in Vajrayana.”

Sunday July 27th

7am: Breakfast

8:30am-10am & 10:30am-12pm: Teachings & Practice 

12:30pm: Lunch

2-3:30 & 4-5:30pm: Practice and Tsok Offering

7:30-9pm: Sangha music and dance circle
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