Pegyal Lingpa Chod in Singapore

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Pegyal Lingpa Chod in Singapore

Postby phantom59 » Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:43 pm

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters

Lama Jinpa will be in Singapore to conduct Chod teaching and pujas

Tentative Chod Teaching Program in April or May should include:
Full day healing Chöd (4 different rituals)
Full day ritual for the dead and living (red vajrasattva Ney Dren).
Hooking in wealth in 4 parts (yang guk of PeGyal Lingpa) [evening program]
Long Life practice (PeGyal Lingpa or TangTong Gyalpo)
Short Chod daily practice [evening program].

Any suggestions on arrangements Please contact Lama Jinpa at

The School of Tibetan Cho is a three-year program
for training practioners in the Vajrayana practice of Chod
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