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Good Karma Business

Postby Hanzze » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:15 am

Dear friends,
it is written for Cambodians, but it may be contains some inspirations and ideas for western also, as in fact there is no different. Please sorry for my bad english and sometimes touching and critical arguments. It would be great if some like to continue to help to create part 3 and to improve mistakes.

Cambodia is one of the richest countries in the world. It have a lot of resources, nature and a beautiful landscape. Even the culture and religion is one of the most richest. Khmer people had learned a lot in the history and of of it they had developed there mind. Only the mind is the place where we can be real rich.

But things are changing and Cambodia is fastly losing all his opulences and like everything startes in our mind, it is our view of life and mindfulness we are now losing. Back from the western world, many Cambodians are like to help there country, but they havnt leaned about the real needs of a sociaty and human beings. Blinded by material things they are now taking there homeland and starting to copy the western illusion, build up on poor countries and slavery. But like most in the history, they are hurting only them self and the own people. Many wealth Cambodian do not have a good moral back round and often very less education. Well for money it is not needed, but for a real happy life and a good sociaty around there is no other way.

Cambodia had walked the extreme way of communism and suffers till now from it, now it is walking the extreme way of capitalism and suffers again. In Cambodia the people always like to tell the story of Buddha and the teaching of the middle Path. „If we span the strings of our guitar to strong, the strings will rip. If we span the strings to soft, we can not play. If we span the strings well, we can play well.“ Neighter one extreme, nor the other is usefully and to span the string well we need experiences and/or mindfulness (awareness).

Electricity, luxury and modern weapons do not make a society developed. Respect of each other of all beings and a peaceful society makes a nation developed.

I like to use our religion the super creme philosophy and our own culture to work out a way how we can help us (Cambodia) in a way that we are helping all others in the same time. If we are smart enough to do so, we are that what is called „real selfish“ the opposite of greed.

The Nature of business:

First of all we need to understand nature. Everything, every phenomena on this earth is nature. The human, the tree our food but also the car and the TV. Every thought, every doing and every emotion is nature.

Nothing exist out of it self, every thing (material, deed, emotion, thought) is a phenomena caused by endless influences. The nature it self is empty, it is only a mirror of our mind.

For example a table. The table is made of wood, the wood was cut and prepared in parts and from it somebody had made that what we call table. The man who had mad it, the tool he used the tree that was used, all that together makes that what we call table. So the table is a product of endless phenomenas. And the table will not last for ever and disappear in other phenomenas. Like we.

Humans are afraid of loosing, afraid of dieing and believe in security. Therefore humans are trying to build up a secure life and are starting to hoard material things. It could bet hat we will have nothing to eat tomorrow, so they buy more food they need. As the food easy starting to addle, we need a refrigerator. Therefore we need money and as we have money, and all the other things the fear came up again, because we do not like to loose it. So we are building houses and out of fear that we lose it we are starting to making fences and walls to protect it. Then we need money for insurances and so on… An endless try to get save and protected. But one day we will die and also everything we have on material things will be gone, maybe in our lifetime or a little later.

So the root of business is nothing more than fear. Fear of losing, fear of do not getting enough, fear of the reality.

A little child is getting a red balloon and is happily playing with it. As the balloon is ruptured, the child starts to cry. An other child is also playing with a balloon, it also ruptured but the child is laughing. It had already understood the nature of a balloon,

When you observe Cambodians, you will often have the experiences that they are laughing, wile you are mad touched in your mind, thinking what a bad situation. Why do the people laugh.

Back to business. Human in the western world, out of the believe of constant existing of our world and that what is called „I“ had created a professional way to try to fix the problems security and safety.

We today call it business. Khmer people do not know the word and are falsely using „roh see“ (roh means search and see means feed - business in khmer is called searching for food) for it. Searching for food and business are to different things. If we are well-fed we do not need to continue to search for more. Khmer them self had never the idea of business because they already had known that there is nothing to do more after they are full and the nature and there habit is different to the most western countries, where you need to hoard food for the winter season.

Neither constancy, endless live nor security exists. As long we do not understand deeply we need to restrict our fear. Big fear causes big business, less fear a small.

It would be an illusion to get all being so much developed that we do not need business any more, but I think it is not an illusion to make the business as good as possible for all.

Business is war – but we can reduce the victims:

As we are trying to get more than we really need, we need to take it from others. The modern business system is very trick and it needs a lot of awareness to realize the victims. In earlier times, when people get out of resources they take over the neighbor land or fight about there food. Today we are rare fighting for food, more we are fighting for cars and luxury.

Every material thing is made out of nature. To produce something we need to take it from nature. Most products are starting from our forest. We are killing the animals, we are cutting the wood, we are building streets to transport it, we destroy the habit of human beings and starting to make them depend on us. The trees are making our health clime and they are producing our air that we can breath.

The second we need to produce or transport anything is energy. Most of the energy in Cambodia comes one more time out of the forest. The other part of energy comes from foreign countries mostly out of gasoline. We know that the burning of mineral oil is causing the most damage of our world and we also know that the tread and extraction of it causes the most wars and a lot of natural disasters.

As we know that everything in our world is connected we are deeply involved in all this sad appearances of our systems.

As a citizen is sometimes not able to reject to get a solider and fight for the country, because his fear is to big to explain, that he will never kill somebody, also we need to use or best possibility. One soldier is deep in an illusion and is following strict the orders of the general and is sometimes in ecstasy will killing. Some soldiers do understand the problems and try there best to do not harm others wile give the leader the picture that he still leads. An other lay down his weapon. Some of us have so much fear of the society and that they will not be respected any more that they can not escape the crazy game, those people we need to help and also the people who had already understood, that peace can never be greated on war. Neighter a direct physical war or a hidden war.

We do not need to fight each other, the nature provides enough for us but it will be a small recourses when we like more than we need.

It is very important that we are always asking, where are the things coming from and what is the whole result of our deeds.

If we are acting responsible we can reduce the victims step by step and like in a war, one ofter the other will see that he do not need to fight any more, because there is no real reason. By every step more and more will sit together and start to talk. We will realize that we are depend on each other and we only need to talk and refresh our thoughts.

Most of Cambodia is not involved in the biggest war our world had in his history jet. We could walk a different way. While the west hardly try to escape the loop of destroying Cambodia have the chance to walk the right path without joining the illusion first. But it have to be done quick and straight.

How does business work:

If we understand the nature of a single dust particle we understand the nature of our world. If we understand our own needs and the reason of our own suffering we understands our society. If we understand small business we will understand the world marked.

So it is always better and easier to start by the small things and observe your self. Everything is up to you and there you can experiments the causes and effects most easily.

First we need to think about the need of human being. We should not confuse it with wants. There is not much need. We need food, we need water, we need a place to be and we need to protect our body against cool and head and last but not least we need air to breath. Or mind needs one more, it like to be entertained.

So nothing more than that we need to get and out of this will, in the time when we loosed the connection to our resources a phenomenas called business started to grow.

Most business is more than only the way to get more based on needs, today it is only based on wants. Greed is the energy of business. If there is no demand, there is no business. So if you like to grow business bigger you need to expand the wants of the people. Funny isn't it? That is called adverting. And advertising is based on the roots of all beings wants – happiness. People like to be happy and the economy tells the people that they will be happy if they buy a Honda or drink Coke. Is it true? Prove it!

So if you like to make business you have to enhance the greed, the greed causes more needs and out of it we need to create more greed. An endless loop.

Some are making business out of real needs of people, that is very sad, but nature is complex and the trade with needs will cause teribble strokes back. As we can see in history when powerful people handled with the needs of people. There is no way beside real needs so a conflict will be the result in any way.

We can make business with material things but we need to be carfull that we do not run out of our recoures. When we already sold out every thing, how to work on? Fight for the next resources?

And we can make business for our mind need. Entertainment! Mostly it do not infact materila things quickly and is also a way to develop our mind. So we can sell and in the same time we could develop people. But be careful, many business in this area are noting else like drugs. Do not sell drugs even it is the easiest way to get a lot of money soon.

Keeping precepts, which and how:

Please note: It is very useful to start with Part 1 to understand why all this effort.

As we have sold our resources already out and had join the live of direct depend we need to have an income for our daily life. How can we manage it without harming others and harming our self? Is it possible to make business, wile stay honest to our self?

It is possible, but it has to be improved all the time. Our mind is very trick, and it uses every opportunity to cheat us. So one of the most important things we have to keep is mindfulness.

Make the precepts to your business rules:

As long we do not understand clearly we need to follow rules. Rules are like walker frames to learn to walk. Buddha gave precepts as walker frames. The aim of them is to learn to walk a peaceful way without do not harm your self and other to much. When keeping the precepts it is possible to get away form loading up hurting karma.

It is not possible to keep all precepts from the start, it is more important to make it to his own task to get slowly into it. It is good enough to start with one and Step slowly to the next. To keep a precept also needs to understand, to keep it for your own action and stay away to be „indirect“ involved or accept it in your sphere.

So what are this precepts and how can we understand them or integrate them in our business?

1. I will be mindful and reverential with all life, I will not be violent nor will I kill.

Avoid killing or harming any living being. I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures. I shall endeavor to protect and take care of all living creatures. Do not do harm to other beings.

This precept seems to be easy to keep, but in the new age it is very tricky to be not involved. Earlier when we needed a dish to scoop water, we climbed on a palm tree took a coconut an made one. On the way we could be careful to harm nobody and kill as less as possible. Today we are going to buy a plastic dish and are deeply involved in killing and harming. When we start to look, where are the things coming from we will see how much suffer we cause. Most plastic in Asia is PVC, it is a waste product of the chlor industry, one of the most water wasting industries, the next is, that it is out of mineral oil which is causing a lot of wars. Next we need to think on the transportation and its causes and so on.

So we should look carefully where our materials are coming from and we should take care of the energy we use and the waste we produce. It is always good to have the possibility to intervene incorrect acts of our deliverer or we need to make contracts to be as sure as possible that our supplier keeps the precept also well.

Mostly national laws are according the 1. precept, so if we keep the national laws we will make a start. Sometimes the government is not as far as our own understanding. It is no problem to go one step more fare than the main streem, first we will think that we are handicaped, put in the moment (and it will be) all others also need to keep roles we will have long time experiences and are a step before them who walked the „easy“ way.

Important topics by choosing the business, behavior or product: Human right, nature resources, harmless energy, waste, traffic.

Profession which are often or not compatibly with the precept:

Dealing direct or indirect with animals, like: breeding, hunting, selling, use them for products

Dealing direct or indirect with weapons, like: designing, producing, selling and in contact with any army.

Also all business with is a involved in catching animals or killing vermin.

Many other businesses are also involved in killing in Counties where laws are not keeped, so we should look also on nature resources and uncontrolled logging.

Important for your benefit: Let your costumer know about your effort and that he can also take part on it. If he like to keep precepts, you are able to provide him according products and services. But your effort on you product, but only i fit is true.

2. I will respect the property of others, I will not steal.

Avoid stealing. Do not take what is not yours to take. I undertake the precept to refrain from taking that which is not given.

Greed and a competition causes often a kind of stealing. One is a direct, mostly against the law, so we can use our national laws as our principles. Sometimes we are trying to get materials cheaper, which are often taken illegal or unasked. So we improve all the time, that our supplier's are not working illegal. Also it is a kind of stealing if we are not paying taxes or tributes according the laws. Also in case of our stuff we need to take care, that we do not longing more than we give. It can be used as proverb, that cheap performances or materials are mostly involved in a kind of stealing. But also in the direction of our costumer we should not behavior in a greedy way. So therefore it is useful to make a serious calculation and do not take advantage if a costumer is not the smartest.

Also think on license, protection of trademarks. To take away another ones business is also a kind of stealing. Use your fantasy to make a business in a gap in the market.

Profession which is not according to the national law or is based on taking recourses uncontrolled or from somebody who depends on it is not according to the precept.

3. I will be conscious and loving in my relationships, I will not give way to lust.

Avoid sexual irresponsibility. I undertake the precept to refrain from improper sexual activity. Do not engage in sexual misconduct.

„Sex sells“ is a famous proverb in the advertising business. Using sex direct or indirect in your business is the opposite of keeping this precept. Even if it would be easier to sell something suggesting sexual benefit, we should choose a different way. This way will give your product or service also more seriously and you will have fine costumers and will not attract strange people. Direct business on sex or sex trade is usual forbidden so we need only follow the national laws.

Profession which are often or not compatibly with the precept:

Any business in the red light area, Night clubs, Porn industry, Prostitution

4. I will honor honesty and truth, I will not deceive.

Avoid lying, or any hurtful speech. I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech. Refrain from lying, gossiping, slander, and spreading false rumors. Silence in precious, I will not gossip or engage in frivolous conversations.

Honesty in your behavior will cause a positive response of your costumer and secure a long-term existing of your business. Fast growing businesses are mostly founded on dishonesty and as fast as they grow they also disappear. Step by step in a honest way is the key to success in every business. Do not work tricky or only in a short benefit view. Do not make advertising in promising advantages which are not true or you do not know. Inform your costumer if you had any problem with your product. Do not sell things if you know they have a bad quality, and if inform your costumer. Inform your costumers about side effects or problems which can rice up with your products and services. Also encourage your costumer to do not use your products and services to cheat other. Most effects of not keeping this precept is also covered by national laws. Go a step more far and you will be strong in the future.

Profession which are often or not compatible with the precept:

Games of chance, Political advertising agency

5. I will exercise proper care of my body and mind, I will not be gluttonous nor abuse intoxicants.

Avoid alcohol and drugs which diminish clarity of consciousness. I undertake the precept to refrain from intoxicating drinks and drugs which lead to carelessness. Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.

Dealing with drugs is always harmfully for others. Mostly you are providing drugs to addicts and the nature of business brings you in the situation to force other to get addicts. But not only the direct dealing witch drugs and intoxicating products, also the behavior in your daily business should keep the precept. Mostly it is usual to finish contracts wile drinking with the costumer or alcohol is often used as present. Also the food industry is using sometimes ingredients to make costumer addicted.

Profession which are often or not compatible with the precept:

Drug dealing, Selling Alcohol, Selling or producing any kind of indoxican and drugs.

To keep all these precepts and all the arguments behind is very difficult, but it is also the way to real success and real benefit. You will not only earn faithful money, you will also be proud of your self and effect others to follow. The world economy is steering in this direction, you can step in it before the mass will realize the direction and you will be a leader in the future as you are an professional by practicing for a long time.

Don't make to much pressure on your self and others. Make it step by step and force all around you to follow by explaining the side effects.

Do never forget, that the triangle business maker – costumer – supplier is strong connected and you can easily be another part of the triangle. The kernel of the triangle is your product or service. So you should look at the way of practice:

The rightful thoughts: improve your motivation

The rightful speech: improve the way you are preform you business and your advertising

The rightful action: improve your products and your daily behavior

Be creative and inspired and act responsible!
Just that! *smile*

BUT! it is important to become a real Buddhist first. Like Punna did: Nate sante baram sokham _()_

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Re: Good Karma Business

Postby Parth » Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:11 pm

People should use this as a template. Very difficult but the way forward.



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