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Bön Sutra

Postby kalden yungdrung » Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:26 pm

Dear members,

There are according prof. Snellgroove in the gZi-brjid some Bon Sutras mentioned.

I will list them all here. Never saw a translated Bön Sutra. Maybe one could start translating one or more of these mentioned Sutras, soon or later.

Yes it is amazing that we as western Bönpos have never read a Bön Sutra!
For sure there is a certain reason for this.
We all have had Dzogchen teachings but never have had a Bon Sutra in our hands.

The Chapters of the gZi-brjid:

The gZi-brjid is an enormous work, totalling in our manuscript 2,791 folios. There are 12 volumes numbered ka to da, with a final volume a. The text is arranged in 61 chapters, and a list of these chapters will give some idea of the scope of this composite work:

1) The teacher descends from the gods of pure light
2) The teacher turns the Wheel of Bön for the non-gods
3) The sutra of the coming of the doctrine of the buddhas
4) The sutra of gShen-rabs taking birth
5) The sutra of the young prince's playful sport
6) The sutra of the prince's enthronement
7) The sutra of the prince's law-giving
8) The sutra of the IInd Way of the Shen of Illusion
9) The sutra of the IIIrd Way of the Shen of Existence
10) The sutra explaining the Way of the Shen of Existence
11) The sutra that teaches the meaning of mandala of the 5 universal (buddha-) bothes
12) The sutra explaing the Way of the Virtuous Adherers
13) The sutra explaing the Way of the great ascetics
14) The sutra of the VIIth Way of pure sound
15) The sutra of the VIIIth Way of the primeval Shen
16) The sutra of the IXth and supreme Way
17) The sutra explaning the Bön of the various translations
18) The sutra of spreading the doctrine by converting those who are hard to convert
19) The sutra of the mandala of the Loving Conqueror
20) The sutra of the very form and precious doctrine
21) The sutra of the 3 tenets taught by the teacher
22) The sutra of the spreading reays that convert sentient beings
23) The sutra explaining cause and effect
24) The sutra of the teacher drawing beings to salvation
25) The sutra of the light of the Blessed All-knowing
26) The liturgy of the All-Good the Ocean of Victory
27) The sutra of the washing away of the sins of King Gu-wer
28) The sutra of the teacher's taking the most glorious of wifes
29) The sutra of the teacher's producing the offspring of method and wisdom
30) The sutra of the Teacher's assumption of royal power
31) The sutra of the producing of offspring who convert sentient beings
32) The sutra of the Teacher teaching Bön to the gods
33) The spell of the Fierce Destroyer
34) The Mandala of the liturgy of the God of Medicine
35) The sutra of the pure prayer of good conduct
36) The sutra of the Teacher teachung bin to the serpents
37) The sutra of Mara's magical display to the teacher
38) The secret spell the Destroyer of Mara
39) The sutra of the Teacher establishing the realm of Mara in salvation
40) The sutra of removing obstructions and subduing Mara
41) The sutra of producing offspring for continuing the family-line of royal sway
42) The sutra for establishing the teaching of the IXth Way
43) The sutra for establishing the teaching about relics
44) The sutra of the acquisition of the way of salvation of thr supreme order
45) The Mother sutra the Great Way of the Word of the Perfection of Wisdom
46) The sutra of the mandala of the Great Way of the Mother
47) The spell of the Sacred Light of Vaidurya
48) The liturgy of the basic mandala of the goddess Loving kindness
49) The sutra in praise of the twenty-one forms of the goddess Loving Kindness
50) The sutra establishing the 3 forms of the doctrine
51) The sutra of the Teacher leaving his home and becoming a religious wanderer
52) The sutra of the perfecting of austerities, the actions of a Shen
53) The sutra of the manifestations of the four spoked wheel of Bön
54) The sutra of pue disciplinary rules
55) The basic sutra of the pure regulations of the Shen
56) The sutra of the sections of the regulations of the Shen
57) The sutra of the pure virtuous conduct of the Shen
58) The sutra of removing the hellish evils of King 'Kong'
59) The sutra of the Teacher leaving his entourage and practicing in solitude
60) The sutra explaining the meanings of the names, marks and qualities of the buddhas
61) The sutra of the Teacher handing the Bön doctrine over into the care (of others)

Best wishes

In Bön:
Kalden Yungdrung

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