What happens when all sentient beings attain Buddhahood?

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Re: What happens when all sentient beings attain Buddhahood?

Postby Nosta » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:52 pm

We are not Buddhas yet. I know thats a common thing, saying that we are already Buddhas, but thats only an idea to explain the fact that we have the potential to be Buddhas. With that exception, we are not, yet, Buddhas. I dont feel like a Buddha because i havnt attained Nirvana. I still have suffering ("suffering" here used in a broad context). I really dont feet enlightened.

I think that someone here in the forum once told the story of a master about this issue. The master replied (to someone who was saying that suffering is an illusion): try to put yourself in front of a car at high speed and then tell me if suffering is an illusion! Same thing about being already a Buddha.

So, when we say "I am already a Buddha" we are refering to the noumenon level. At the phenomenoun level we are not Buddhas.

Just my opinion.
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