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Postby Snovid » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:53 pm

One more thing, the Dalai Lama's speech
"The existence of reincarnation provides continuity of mind.
Where does the consciousness?
He can not come out of nowhere.
A moment of consciousness can not exist without consciousness of time immediately preceding.
Most people believe that reincarnation is a rebirth of "something" that goes from life to life.
Continuity between lifetimes and not an entity but the subtlest level of consciousness.
Further there is a series of rebirths do not like pearls on a string necklace heeled "soul"
which passes through all the pearls.
They are more like cubes placed one on the other.
Each is distinct, however, each supporting another so they are functionally linked.
Between dice no identity but conditional. "
 Around this theme has already accumulated a lot of confusion arising from the fact that clung to the concept of the personal "I".
Perhaps, therefore, common understanding of reincarnation revolves around personal journey of the soul
from body to body, or any other form of continuation of our present life.
Yes, this is a continuation, but probably not the one which we would wish.
Of course, there can be no continuation of our current "I", it does not exist in a stable form. Each of the creatures lives chain creates its own "ego", depending on the conditions and environment in which he lived. "
So, if each successive incarnation is a new ego
resulting from the actions of the previous person / ego
How can I understand achieve the Rainbow Body by ... the person / ego?
If I do not attain the rainbow body I going to die, and I will cause the creation of new entities
and if I reach the Rainbow Body in this life, that is to say that ...
immortal and free from successive incarnations will be what / who?
What / who (in rainbow body) will be able to help others
if the ego of person who achieved the rainbow body, not continues exist in a new body?
I am from Poland I use google translator I do not know English

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Re: Ego

Postby Snovid » Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:42 pm

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I am from Poland I use google translator I do not know English

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