Does Zen/Chan Offer an Opinion Regarding Shentong/Rangtong?

Re: Does Zen/Chan Offer an Opinion Regarding Shentong/Rangtong?

Postby My Socks Smell » Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:35 pm

Andrew108 wrote:How do you feel about the following poem? Too simple? Inspiring? What are your feelings about it?
I understand that D.K.R. was apparently trying to put the Dharma in a modern context, but out of the six stanzas, I only found one of the non-stick conclusions relevant to my personal experiences. I tried to look past my inability to relate to the modern gloss and see what the "pointing out" and "realization" would lead to, but kept getting stuck at the part where I was supposed to "not be stuck". Even the one I could relate to didn't seem to point me to the nature of mind as much as toward my ideas about mind. I appreciate your question, though.
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