The Therigatha: Verses of the Elder Nuns

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The Therigatha: Verses of the Elder Nuns

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This is a link to The Therigatha: Verses of the Elder Nuns:

This shows the genious of women. Here are a few examples:

I.1 — An Anonymous Bhikkhuni {v. 1}

Sleep, little theri, sleep comfortably,
wrapped in the robe that you've made,
for your passion is stilled —
like a pot of pickled greens
boiled dry.
I.3 — Punna {v. 3}

Punna, grow full with good qualities
like the moon on the fifteenth day.
With discernment at total fullness, burst
the mass
of darkness.
I.11 — Mutta {v. 11}

So freed! So thoroughly freed am I! —
from three crooked things set free:
from mortar, pestle,
& crooked old husband.
Having uprooted the craving
that leads to becoming,
I'm set free from aging & death.
I.17 — Dhamma {v. 17}

Wandering for alms —
weak, leaning on a staff,
with trembling limbs —
I fell down right there on the ground.
Seeing the drawbacks of the body,
my mind was then
set free.

II.3 — Sumangala's Mother {vv. 23-24}

So freed! So freed!
So thoroughly freed am I —
from my pestle,
my shameless husband
& his sun-shade making,
my moldy old pot
with its water-snake smell.
Aversion & passion
I cut with a chop.
Having come to the foot of a tree,
I meditate, absorbed in the bliss:
"What bliss!"

Four times, five, I ran amok from my dwelling,
having gained no peace of awareness,
my thoughts out of control.
So I went to a trustworthy nun.
She taught me the Dhamma:
aggregates, sense spheres, & elements.
Hearing the Dhamma,
I did as she said.
For seven days I sat in one spot,
absorbed in rapture & bliss.
On the eighth, I stretched out my legs,
having burst the mass
of darkness.

Bhadda Kapilani
translated from the Pali by
Hellmuth Hecker & Sister Khema
© 1994–2011

Son of the Buddha and his heir is he,
Great Kassapa — his mind serene, collected.
Vision of previous lives is his,
Heaven and hell he penetrates.

The ceasing of rebirth he has obtained,
And supernormal knowledge he has mastered.
With these three knowledges possessed by him
He is a brahman true, of threefold knowledge.

So has she, too, Bhadda the Kapilani, gained for herself
The threefold knowledge and has vanquished death.
Having bravely vanquished Mara and his host,
It is the last formation of a body that she bears.

Seeing the world's deep misery, we both went forth
And are now both free of cankers, with well-tamed minds.
Cooled of passions, we have found deliverance;
Cooled of passions, we have found our freedom.

The Verses of Final Knowledge of Bhikkhuni Sujata
translated from the Pali by
Hellmuth Hecker and Sister Khema
© 1998–2011

With subtle veils adorned,
Garlands and sandal-wood bedecked,
Covered all over with ornaments,
Surrounded by my servants,
Taking with us food and drink,
Eatables of many kinds,
Setting off from the house,
To the forest grove we took it all.

Having enjoyed and sported there,
We turned our feet to home
But on the way I saw and entered
Near Saketa, a monastery.
Seeing the Light of the World
I drew near, bowed down to Him;
Out of compassion the Seeing One
Then taught me Dhamma there.

Hearing the words of the Great Sage,
I penetrated Truth:
The Dhamma passionless,
I touched the Dhamma of Deathlessness.
When the True Dhamma had been known,
I went forth to the homeless life;
The three True Knowledges are attained,
Not empty the Buddha's Teaching!
ओं मणिपद्मे हूं

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