Trading in the Tulku

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Trading in the Tulku

Postby Ng'mu » Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:07 pm

I heard from an old crone that the young Tulkus are difficult to control.
And also grumblings that as they become Westernized they are losing allegiance,
and being controlled by Westeners.

Watching this Tulkus video's, he is clearly not being controled by anyone.
Did not do his prostrations in retreat, while in the last life he did 100,000 in one week. lol
Not controled by his lamas, and smaking down the Westeners for being subversively political,
controlled by money and not working from the dharma, all with the ease of a best friend. Clearly
the West doesn't yet have the answer to the 'overlord Tulku' problem, we have just
corprotized and commiteeized that energy. ... bdoB16BDW4
'Hell is the Lama of the Buddhas' -Guru Rinpoche
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