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Re: Throw Out Buddhist Philosophy / Phenomenology / Psychology

Postby mudra » Mon May 23, 2011 1:51 am

Namdrol wrote:
tamdrin wrote:There is a line in Gongchig that says "tsad ma dre bu zab mo stong nyi ton" or something like that.. meaning the result of valid cognition is the profound-emptiness. All that means is that valid cognition leads to a theory of emptiness. No where does Jigten Sumgon say that this is sufficient for Buddhahood.

"The result of pramana is shows profound emptiness."

What else leads to Buddhahood other than profound emptiness?

Profound emptiness and Bodhicitta. Wisdom and Method.

Just as we are using words and concepts to focus and explain meaning in discussion, so too are words and concepts used in exploring the way to Buddhahood. Obviously on their own they won't bring you to Buddhahood but they serve an important purpose in orientation. Otherwise we would probably just be busy having pramana /prime cognition of our belly buttons and not go 'deeper'. I am pretty sure that most of the people on this thread who have teachers have spoken with them and been advised by them with words as well as other methods.
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Re: Reasons for Rebirth

Postby daelm » Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:44 pm

LastLegend wrote:Throw out this sentence I am typing right now also.

thanks. will do.

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