Celibacy and Health

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Re: Celibacy and Health

Postby Aemilius » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:39 am

Astus wrote:Aemilius,

I'm no historian, but afaik such Victorian morals were created in the 19th century and not before. There is a considerable difference between common people having the idea that sex is sinful and renunciates, who willingly joined a monastic order, not getting involved in sensual passions. Also, I haven't heard of Freud et al analysing monks and nuns. Celibacy is a problem if you don't want to refrain from sex, also the feeling of guilt exists only when one does something he considers sinful. The monastic life was actually quite popular in Europe, also in Buddhist countries. And they were a group of intellectual and religious elite. I don't see how their health could have been affected.

Yes, I've seen a book that has pictures of lovely monasteries on beautiful spots in the mountains and forest glades of Italy, and all of them are empty!! -not in use anymore !! Can't remember their number, but there are lots of them !!
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