Dasuttara Sutta

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Dasuttara Sutta

Postby buddhaflower » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:44 pm

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Dasuttara Sutta
[Presented by Dr.Tep Sastri @ SD/JTN]

The Dasuttara Sutta, DN 34 is truly and uniquely Arahant Sariputta's style of
concise teaching.

"In growing groups from one to ten I'll teach Dhamma for the gaining of Nibbana,
that you may make an end of suffering, and be free from all the ties that bind.

"There is, friends, one thing that greatly helps [Tirelessness in wholesome
one thing to be developed [Mindfulness with regard to the body, accompanied by

one thing to be thoroughly known [Contact as a condition of the corruptions and
of grasping.];

one thing to be abandoned [Ego-conceit.];

one thing that conduces to diminution [Unwise attention.];

one thing that conduces to distinction [Wise attention.];

one thing hard to penetrate [Uninterrupted mental concentration.];

one thing to be made to arise [Unshakable knowledge.];

one thing to be thoroughly learnt [All beings are maintained by nutriment];

and one thing to be realized. [Unshakable deliverance of mind.]

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