what is and isn't Karma

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Re: what is and isn't Karma

Postby oushi » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:30 am

5heaps wrote:if you cannot correctly distinguish between objects then you cannot accurately ascertain an object, meaning you will not be able to analyze and deny that object's true existence

I know that minds capacities are great, but consciously analyzing every object existence seems bizarre idea. Do you see Buddha as supercomputer being? Secondly, what is "object's true existence" and what is there to deny?
5heaps wrote:nevertheless the binary data onto which it is projected is itself not just a projected conceptual image.

And how do you know that? You have only conceptual image of that binary data, or am I wrong and you see "Truth" beyond concepts in it?
this is the point. karma is just not a conceptual image like the beer can is, it is like the binary data; it actually exists

So, now you are saying that binary data actually exists, and beer can doesn't? All that is taking place in you conceptual imagination. Some events you call true, some you call false, but all of them appear as just a presence before you mind.
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Re: what is and isn't Karma

Postby dorjeshonnu » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:01 pm

objects appear in space
space appears in mind
mind appears no where


every event around you is a result - vipaka
every action you perform is action - karma
collected actions limit or liberate capacity through conditioning
capacity determines obstacles through dependency
obstacles can hinder or promote liberation


a human birth implies the availability of sufficient capacity to liberate and waken
a human birth means that you can make choices in the present

choice is an incredibly precious opportunity
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