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Prog Metal: Metal for the thinking Buddhist

Postby Luke » Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:07 pm

I held off on talking about music here for a while, but, inspired by Retro's rock threads on Dhamma Wheel, I thought I'd create a thread for progressive metal here.

Prog metal is basically heavy metal with complicated song structures which allow each band member to show off. It often is instrumental and if it does have lyrics, the lyrics are usually about fantasy topics and aren't violent or negative, so I don't think that it's inappropriate on a Buddhist site. Like jazz, prog metal is about teamwork, the display of human potential, and the sheer joy of creativity.

This song by the prog metal super-group Liquid Tension Experiment is probably as prototypical an example of prog metal as one could get:
phpBB [video]

A more mellow example of prog metal...
phpBB [video]

And their more aggressive stuff...
phpBB [video]

And the current masters of prog metal...
phpBB [video]

...and some more by them.
phpBB [video]
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