Daily Practice

Daily Practice

Postby gingercatni » Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:41 pm

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering whether anyone could advise me on a few things. Firstly, daily practice. I often wonder whether there are things I'm missing out of my daily morning service, I have a few little verses that I recite as part of my service but I'm wondering if there is a formal pureland recitation book I should use? I do have one already but I recently seen another online and it was far more in depth than the one I have.

Also, I perform one service a day, though always keep the Buddha in mind but I'm led to believe I should be doing this more than once a day. Is this correct?

When it comes to chanting and visualising the Buddha, does it matter that I recollect him in his popular Chinese form? I know all of this sounds rather silly, but with the absence of any local assistance in these matters, it often causes me to think I'm doing something wrong in my practice.

Thanks in advance for any help, have a lovely weekend everyone. :smile:
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Re: Daily Practice

Postby Son of Buddha » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:22 am

Practice is different for everyone.

Our sangha takes 3 refuge,prostrates
uses mala beads and takes the 10 Bodhisattva vows(found in queen srimala sutra)And uses the mala to memorize teachings.

We make aspiration prayers for everyones well being,and give heartfelt praise to amitabha Buddha,and ask to be reborn into his Pureland.

(I tend to chant his name throught the day,try to be mindfull)
You can chant in groups to music and tune.

If you are looking for a community then be pro-active,put up signs for a group meeting at your house you will be surprised how many Buddhists are around you,or are looking to learn about Buddhism.
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