New Honmon Butsuryu Shu LA temple

New Honmon Butsuryu Shu LA temple

Postby rory » Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:06 am

Gassho everyone; just wanted people to know there is a new Honmon Butsuryu Shu temple in Los Angeles the priest is Rev. Taimei Tamura
additionally I heard from my dharma friend Dominic Busher that HBS ordained a Western priest to spread the teachings to non-Japanese, which is excellent news. I wish them all the best. Here is a dharma talk in English by Rev. Fukuoka

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
The gist of these passages is that the Buddha's practice as the cause and His virtue as the effect are altogether contained in the five characters of "Myo-ho ren-ge kyo". If we uphold the five characters, the merits of those cause and effect are naturally transferred to us. (NOPPA D2, P146)
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