Guanyin/ Kanzeon Bozatsu in East/ Southeast Asian Buddhism

Re: Guanyin/ Kanzeon Bozatsu in East/ Southeast Asian Buddhi

Postby rory » Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:14 am

Yuzu-Nenbutsu is interesting as Ryonin applied Avatamsaka philosophy to Nenbutsu practice, he also introduced Chinese tonal Nenbutsu chanting,which is very beautiful. Pork Chop are there any nice sound files? thanks for the explanation.
Dharani of Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara:

Om amogha-padma-pasa-krodhakarsaya praveshaya maha-pashupati-yama-varuna-kuvera
brahma-vesa-dhara padma-kula-samayan hum hum

heart mantra: Om amogha vijaya hum phat
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Re: Guanyin/ Kanzeon Bozatsu in East/ Southeast Asian Buddhi

Postby PorkChop » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:13 am

Haven't had much luck yet finding audio tracks.
This page has more videos, including vids of their services - one of them has a much cleaner version of the song used in the Manbu-Oneri. Another one of the videos has the biggest mala I've ever seen (beads the size of baseballs, lots of people using it at once, stretches for yards and yards).

According to this page, the 5 main sutras they promote are the Avatamsaka, the Lotus, and the 3 Pure Land.

PS - was a little wrong before, Ippen was a great-grand student of Honen: Honen -> Zenne-bo Shoku -> Shotatsu -> Ippen.
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