Japanese Buddhist Traditions 'reality show'

Japanese Buddhist Traditions 'reality show'

Postby plwk » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:23 pm

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I was browsing through Youtube when I found this interesting and unusual video which looked like a kind of a reality show done like a countdown thingy.
Note that I have nearly zero knowledge of the Japanese language save for some familiar Chinese characters and from what I have observed, it looks like the different lineage masters images and their respective priests from the various Japanese Buddhist lineages are presented and compared here in their various robes, chanting style and whatever else they are saying discussing in Japanese.

If I am not mistaken the countdown goes like..
10. Rinzai Zen 9. Soto Zen 8. Shingon 7. Tendai (not represented in the studio but from remote viewing in the temple) 6. Nichiren (not represented in the studio but from remote viewing in the temple) 5. Unison chanting of the Heart Sutra by reps of 10/9/8. 4. & Jodo Shinshu 2. Jodo Shu 1. Jodo Shinshu/Jodo Shu & Tendai
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Re: Japanese Buddhist Traditions 'reality show'

Postby Astus » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:51 pm

It looks more like a song contest to me. The order in the video actually is:

10: Rinzai, singing: Hakuin's Song of Zazen
9: Soto, singing: Great Compassion Dharani
8: Tendai/Nichiren (in Tendai temple), singing: 14th chapter of Lotus Sutra
7: Shingon, singing: Rishu-kyo (Adhyardhaśatikā Prajñāpāramitā Sutra)
6: Nichiren/Soto/Tendai (in Nichiren temple), singing: 16th chapter of Lotus Sutra
5: together singing the Heart Sutra
4: Shin, singing: Shoshin Nenbutsu Ge (Hymn of the Nembutsu and True Faith)
3: Soto Zen: Kannon-gyo (section of Lotus Sutra, ch. 25)
2: Jodo/Shin, singing: Infinite Life Sutra (Larger Amitabha Sutra)
1: Jodo/Shin/Tendai, singing: Amida-kyo (Shorter Amitabha Sutra)
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Re: Japanese Buddhist Traditions 'reality show'

Postby plwk » Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:41 am

Thank you Astus...I was hoping someone would come and chip in on the video.
I found it rather groovy and funny but I guess if it has to come to this level just to make Dharma known.... :lol:
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