any help with psychology of mind

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any help with psychology of mind

Postby tempuserus » Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:42 am

is it possible someone with a personality disorder to become a ordained lay person. i suffer from bpd, i am ware to a point with mindfulness because my body has taught of body pain so i am more off body but not mind i am not sure of teachers in the area. note i study ACI that lama roach lineage of the gelug that is sera may monastery. i wish i had teacher but i do realize i am my own teacher at the time. i have relized that i am not ready for lay ship. but what practices other than mindfulness i can do help myself keep ethical intacted conscious/personality.

other than my trauma through life it seems it more genetics, what would the buddhist reason for a personality disorder if most their incarnations has been to a point good shine with few lives being naughty.

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