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Postby kirtu » Wed May 23, 2012 2:14 pm

Andrew108 wrote:
honestdboy wrote: "If you think of yourself you have problems, and if you think of others you have interesting jobs to do," Lama Ole said. He also reminded listeners about our common responsibility towards 700 million suppressed Muslim women around the world.

Hi there,
What are our common responsibilities towards 700 million suppressed Muslim women around the world? I don't really get this part.

He takes it as given that the women in Muslim societies are oppressed and that as liberated Westerners we have a duty to liberate them. This is not an unusual argument - I saw Sarkozy make the same argument in effect prior to his election on French television.

So for example the women I see in the DC area wearing full body covering are forced to do so (in extreme arguments) and need to be liberated from their culture because obviously this could never be an actual personal choice.

This is at least part of ♠what he's saying.

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Re: Ole Nydahl's teachings

Postby heart » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:15 am

On an other note if 700 millions of Muslim feel inclined to liberate us from our worldly consumer crazy capitalist society it would mean war. Ole's statement is typical of a western colonialist and imperialistic attitude that is the source of so much horrors in history. For example this is what the Chinese did in Tibet, they "liberated" them.

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