Seven Point Mind Training by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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Seven Point Mind Training by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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* 1. The Teachings on the Preliminaries

* 2. The Main Practice of Bodhicitta Training
o Absolute Bodhicitta - Part 1
o Absolute Bodhicitta - Part 2
o Relative Bodhicitta: 2
o Relative Bodhicitta: 6-7

* 3. Transforming Negative Circumstances Into the Path
o The General Practice
o The Special Application: 5
o The Special Application: 6

* 4. Practicing in This Lifetime

* 5. Evaluation of the Mind Training

* 6. The Commitments of Mind Training
o Three General Principles
o Questions
o Specific Principles: 2
o Specific Principles: 3-16
o Questions

* 7. Guidelines of Mind Training
o What to Eliminate: 1-3
o What to Eliminate: 4-6
o What to Adopt: 7-11
o What to Adopt: 12-21
o The Conclusion

* The Practice of Meditation
o The Practice of Shinay
o Shinay Without Characteristics
o Shinay With Characteristics
o Meditating With Thoughts

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