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The Six Points are as Follows:

1. The view which establishes a clear idea or determination of what must be understood
2. Maintaining the view through samaya of meditation
3. Progressing through the development stage through conduct
4. Receiving initiations and guarding samaya
5. Actualizing through empowerments
6. Fulfilling the aspiration to benefit self and others by implementing the lineage instructions.

Read further:
‘View like the sky’ means that nothing is held onto in any way whatsoever. You are not stuck anywhere at all. In other words, there is no discrimination as to what to accept and what to reject; no line is drawn separating one thing from another. ‘Conduct as fine as barley flour’ means that there is good and evil, and one needs to differentiate between the two. Give up negative deeds; practice the Dharma. In your behaviour, in your conduct, it is necessary to accept and reject.” Guru Rinpoche

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