English Translation of Dudjom Lingpa Treasure Texts

English Translation of Dudjom Lingpa Treasure Texts

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Dudjom Lingpa (bdud 'joms gling pa) was born in 1835 in the Serta (gser thal)
valley in Golok (mgo log). He was said to be an emanation of Nuden Dorje (nus
ldan rdo rje), a powerful yogi, and Drogben Khyeuchung Lotsawa ('brog ban khye'u
chung lo tsA ba).

Throughout his life Dudjom Lingpa reported having direct visionary encounters
with numerous deities such as Vajravarahi, Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani, and
Manjushri, Saraha and Longchen Rabjam (klong chen rab 'byam) through which he
received teachings and empowerments. Also via visionary experience Dudjom Lingpa
claimed to have journeyed to the pure land of the Copper-Colored Mountain and
receive teachings directly from Padmasambhava.

At age twenty-five Dudjom Lingpa revealed the prophetic guide (kha byang) from
amongs rocks in the Mar Valley. This contained instructions on how he should
reveal his own hidden treasures. He revealed twenty volumes of earth and mind
treasures (sa gter, dgongs gter). These came to be known as the Dudjom Tersar
(bdud 'joms), the New Treasures of Dudjom.

Among his better known treasures are the Troma Nagmo (khros ma nag mo) and the
Nalug Rangjung (gnas lugs rang byung), which is a systematic presentation of the
Dzogchen path.Dudjom Lingpa had seven sons, all of whom were famous
incarnations, including the third Dodrupchen, Jigme Tenpai Nyima.

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Re: English Translation of Dudjom Lingpa Treasure Texts

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may this effort be successful and benefit many beings :namaste:
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