Peace and stability by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayé.

Peace and stability by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayé.

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May those devoted and virtuous ones, be an inspiration.

Kagyu-Nyingma teaching. (rime)

Unfailing sources of refuge—Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and Gurus, Yidams and Dakinis,
And especially Avalokiteshvara, protector of the Land of Snows,
Together with Noble Tara and Guru Padmasambhava,
We pray to you: think of us and the sacred pledges you have made!
Grant your blessings, so that our prayers of aspiration may be fulfilled entirely.

Beings of this degenerate age think and act in perverse ways,
And disturbances in the elements, both outer and inner,
Mean that disease and pestilence, unknown in ages past, threaten human beings and animals alike.

Planetary forces, nagas, gyalpo, obstructing spirits and jungpo demons,
Cause blight, frost and hail, poor harvests, war and conflict,
Untimely rains and ominous portents for the Land of Snows,
And there is fear of earthquakes, fire, adversaries, and environmental catastrophe,
And especially of foreign invaders who might harm the teachings.

May all types of harm and violence in these snowy lands,
Be swiftly pacified and eliminated entirely.
May precious sublime bodhichitta
Arise naturally in the minds of all beings, human and non-human alike,
So that they never again think or act in harmful, violent ways.

May the minds of all be filled with love for one another!
May the whole of Tibet enjoy abundant splendours, happiness and wellbeing!
And may the Buddha’s teachings flourish and endure!
Through the force of the truth embodied in the Three Roots, the Buddhas and their heirs,
And through the power of all the sources of merit throughout samsara and nirvana,
And of our own completely pure, positive intention,
May this, our prayer of aspiration, be fulfilled!

Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayé
* * *

The precious master Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo said, “These are extremely turbulent times and there is no telling what will happen. I am praying for peace and stability in Tibet six times each day, and it is important for you to do the same.” So it was that I, Lodrö Thayé, wrote this down as a personal reminder, in Tsadra Rinchen Drak on a propitious morning during the waxing phase of the twelfth month.

Yatha siddhirastu!
“Sentient beings, self and others, enemies and dear ones—all are made by thoughts. It is like seeing a rope and mistaking it for a snake. When we think that the rope is a snake, we are scared, but once we see that we are looking at a rope, our fear dissipates. We have been deluded by our thoughts. Likewise, mentally fabricating self and others, we generate attachment and aversion.” ~Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
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