contact for Namkha Rinpoche of Rigdzin community

contact for Namkha Rinpoche of Rigdzin community

Postby JKhedrup » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:22 pm

Rinpoche is a friend of Geshe Sonam who I translate for. He lost Rinpoche's contact information and telephone number, so if someone could PM me with it Geshe la would be very grateful. I promise it will only be passed to Geshe la and no one else.
Sorry for the disturbance!
In order to ensure my mind never comes under the power of the self-cherishing attitude,
I must obtain control over my own mind.
Therefore, amongst all empowerments, the empowerment that gives me control over my mind is the best,
and I have received the most profound empowerment with this teaching.
-Atisha Dipamkara
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