Verses of bodhichitta.

Verses of bodhichitta.

Postby muni » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:23 am

A vow is our being, bloosoming for all.

Relying on the shining orb of the sun
those with eyes look out on forms.
With bodhichitta the bodhisattva look out
on living beings equal to space.

What a joy when the gentle rain comes on time.
What a joy when the crops ripen in the fields,
what a joy if bodhichitta were to be produced
in the minds of living beings equal to space.

Whoever is adorned with bodhichitta
can never have a vicious thought,
and even without being urged to do so, will naturally
work to stop the nastiness of others.

It might be possible to lasso the wind.
It might be possible for sandalwood to have warmth.
It might be possible for light to turn to darkness,
It is impossible for bodhichitta ever to betray you.

Since bodhichitta is born without discrimination
in the priest, warrior, merchant, and common castes,
all four should embrace it with
enthusiastic faith and reverence.

The melodious call of the spring cuckoo
is a crowning joy for those who have ears to hear.
The bodhichitta of the Victor's children
is a crowning benefit for every living being.

Bodhichitta beautifies the whole appearance of a face.
Bodhichitta lends beauty to the wideness of the eyes.
Bodhichitta gives beauty to the sound of a voice.
Bodhichitta makes behaviour beautiful.

Due to bodhichitta, the children of the Buddhas
look out without partiality at wandering living beings
like a mother (looks at) her only child, with a gaze of love
that comes from the very depth of her being.

_/\_ :anjali: From "Vast as the Heavens. Deep as the Sea", a book with verses about bodhichitta in Tibetan-English from Khunu Rinpoche, also recommend by His Holiness.
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Re: Verses of bodhichitta.

Postby ground » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:50 am

... there are no Mahayana vehicles other than the perfection vehicle and the tantra vehicle. Whichever of these two you enter, the only entrance is the spirit of enlightenment [bodhicitta]. Once you have generated this spirit in your mind, you are recognized as a Mahayana practitioner even though you may not have generated any other good quality. When you separate from this spirit, no matter what other good qualities you may have - such as the knowledge of emptiness, etc. - you lapse from the Mahayana.
The initial entrance into the Mahayana is determined by the development of this spirit alone. A subsequent departure from the Mahayana is determined by its loss alone.

Je Rinpoche, Lam Rim Chen Mo

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Re: Verses of bodhichitta.

Postby ground » Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:08 am

Quotes on Bodhicitta

“The bodhicitta practice of exchanging oneself and others is the ultimate and unfailing quintessential meditation for all those who have set out on the path of the Mahayana teachings. If you really experience that exchange happening even once, it will purify the negative actions and obscurations of many kalpas and create an immense accumulation of merit and wisdom. It will save you from the lower realms and from any rebirths that might lead to the.” – Patrul Rinpoche, The Words of My Perfect Teacher

“Compassion, equanimity, love and joy – these are the four qualities of wishing bodhicitta, the aspiration to benefit all beings by attaining enlightenment. These qualities act as catalysts of spiritual development, dissolving self-centeredness and creating a sense of connectedness with all sentient beings. Through meditation we may experience them nondually as the qualities of absolute bodhicitta, arising unobstructed within the realization of emptiness, immeasurable.” – Chagdud Khandro, Ngondro Commentary: Instructions for the Concise Preliminary Practices of the New Treasure of Dudjom

“Bodhichitta has boundless benefits and very few dangers. Why? Because if one is practicing solely for the sake of all beings, one’s motivation is so pure that it becomes invulnerable to obstacles and aberrations. It is a profound practice and, at the same time, a simple one. In essence, bodhichitta is the aim to become enlightened in order to help others attain enlightenment” – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, The Excellent Path To Enlightenment (Snow Lion Publications)

“Whatever good or useful things you want for yourself, others want them just as much. So just as you work hard at bringing about your own happiness and comfort, always work hard to others’ happiness and comfort, too. Just as you would try to avoid even the slightest suffering for yourself, strive too to prevent others having to suffer even the slightest harm. Just as you would feel pleased about our own well being and prosperity, rejoice from your heart when others are well and prosperous, too. In short, seeing no distinction between yourself and all living creatures of the three worlds, make it your sole mission to find ways of making every one of them happy, now and for all time.” – Patrul Rinpoche, The Words of My Perfect Teacher

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Re: Verses of bodhichitta.

Postby muni » Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:55 am

Thank you. :namaste:
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Re: Verses of bodhichitta.

Postby BFS » Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:41 pm

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