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Postby padma norbu » Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:09 am

Walking home today, I found a book called When God Winks and for laughs of course I had to pick it up because someone had obviously left it out for someone else as a gift, to blow their minds or turn them onto God. I read probably half of it on the subway and it's a little book.

It actually did have an effect on me, though, because I remembered how I used to really read into coincidences quite a bit when I was studying Kabballah and Golden Dawn type stuff, tarot, etc. I gave all that up quite a while ago, but this book make me remember quite a bit about my thinking back then. There really were a lot of really unusual coincidences in my life much like the book describes (however not as impressively awesome by a long shot).

Anyway, the point of the book is to say that God is communicating to you through these coincidences. I started thinking, "for an atheist such as myself, is there another explanation for perhaps miraculous and beneficial coincidences manifesting? Karma? Dakinis? What?"

Since I am really just concerned with Dzogchen perspective at this point, I Googled "Dzogchen Coincidence" and I immediately found a blog about one of my favorite authors, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche:
Due to Tulku Urgyen's realization of the ultimate lineage, the expression of awareness as blessings combined with the openness created by his students' faith. This coincidence enabled many of them, regardless of their level or capacity, to recognize the nature of mind in a single instant. This evidently happened for hundreds and hundreds of students. This was Rinpoche's unique way of benefiting beings. —
Not the best-formed first sentence, but I think I get what it is trying to say.

The next thing I found was some Facebook account by a guy going under the name Longchen Rabjam. I don't know if he is quoting Lonchen or just making up his own dharma advice, but here's what he said:
All situations are totalized in the completeness of situations and the absence of any particular situation. Totalized situation is the immovable great perfection of awareness; no room outside, no room inside, no beyond; no alternative to the complete coincidence, relax and you will reach the distal end of your perceptions; Dzogchen.
Once arrived at totality, there is no beyond. Beyond is the obsidian wall, the visible, impenetrable emptiness where elaborations end [because there is no space and no thing to sustain them or to make space] and which returns us here, to fullness, where elaborations also end in the complete acceptance of what is, without a jot being elsewhere, with no beyond.

Can you hear the absence of sound, see the absence of light, taste the absence of flavour, smell the absence of odour and feel the absence of resistance? Of course you can. This is death, nirvana, the emptiness of substantial existents; your lover, pure awareness always awaiting, the all encompassing capacity of space un-delimited by the small. The perfect coincidence; Dzogchen.

Is there any way we can interpret a very, very unlikely and beneficial coincidence? Should we just see it as karma or what? I often see the phrase "auspicious signs" ...the When God WInks book defines "god winks" as "a personal signal or message, directly from a higher power, usually, but not always, in the form of a coincidence." It never really occured to me before, but where would the auspicious signs be coming from? I imagine there a number of possibilities, not just one, so I open the question up for public scrutiny...
"Use what seems like poison as medicine. We can use our personal suffering as the path to compassion for all beings." Pema Chodron

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Re: Coincidence

Postby Andrew108 » Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:48 am

There are many ways to interpret coincidence. If the coincidence is related to a vision or dream that may be of benefit to practice then go with it. If you find any termas then let me/us know. And I'm not joking here.
However as you know it's easy to have a fantasy that seems built on coincidence. So the test as to whether or not a coincidence is beneficial is if it fits with practice. If you have a dream or meet a coincidence does it deepen your understanding and practice of dharma?
You might ask yourself how did the latest coincidence benefit my understanding? There have been times with myself when I've had a query, opened a book and the answer is right there. Coincidence that helps with understanding.
The Blessed One said:

"What is the All? Simply the eye & forms, ear & sounds, nose & aromas, tongue & flavors, body & tactile sensations, intellect & ideas. This, monks, is called the All. Anyone who would say, 'Repudiating this All, I will describe another,' if questioned on what exactly might be the grounds for his statement, would be unable to explain, and furthermore, would be put to grief. Why? Because it lies beyond range." Sabba Sutta.

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Re: Coincidence

Postby Virgo » Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:08 am

I dont; know. But I think it was a great post.



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Re: Coincidence

Postby White Lotus » Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:03 pm

this guy Longchen, in my opinion knows what hes talking about. at least in that post. theres nothing to worry about. nothing unnatural you need to attain. this normal way of being, is complete just as it is. so... just relax. be your natural self.

nice post. thank you.

best wishes, Tom.
in any matters of importance. dont rely on me. i may not know what i am talking about. take what i say as mere speculation. i am not ordained. nor do i have a formal training. i do believe though that if i am wrong on any point. there are those on this site who i hope will quickly point out my mistakes.

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Re: Coincidence

Postby Sönam » Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:42 pm

Could you imagine the number of "coincidences" you do not see everyday ... your life is full of coincidences, you just don't see them. THere is so many that we may not call them "coincidences".

By understanding everything you perceive from the perspective of the view, you are freed from the constraints of philosophical beliefs.
By understanding that any and all mental activity is meditation, you are freed from arbitrary divisions between formal sessions and postmeditation activity.
- Longchen Rabjam -

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Re: Coincidence

Postby padma norbu » Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:58 am

Oh, thanks, glad some of you liked the initial post. I was worried about the rambling, but it always seems to take me a while to set up the "topic" I want to discuss.

I think, after much thought, that... from a Dzogchen perspective especially (< I realize how and why this phrase my have sounded stupid to some), I'm going to go with the idea that all coincidence is ripening of karma since ultimately that is what you can "blame" for your perception in general, right? Vajrasattva is the representation of Samboghakaya before any dualism, based on what I read, anyway. That is why Vajrasattva is the purification deity. So... any coincidence in the relative realm would basically be ripening of karma to produce something auspicious (I was only talking about good coincidence, btw, in the initial post, so that is why I now am saying "auspicious." Coincidences certainly occur which suck and convince people they were born under a bad sign, too!) Whether dakinis or anything else is involved at all would be secondary, I think.
"Use what seems like poison as medicine. We can use our personal suffering as the path to compassion for all beings." Pema Chodron

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